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What do I do with extra AP?

1. If you have a lot of AP saved up like me (near 7k), a way to use it efficiently would be through the Treasure Cave. You can go through a lot of AP quickly while also earning gold and silver.

2. stacking up APs is not an efficient use of AP as you will be loosing 24 APs a day, but I have to admit ... all my accounts has stacked up APs since I am not as active as I used to. If you are very active you should make full use of your APs and stay below your cap limit (depends on your VIP limit). One big advantage of stacking up APs is that it will help you spamming the Boss... At higher expedition there has been times where I have spammed 100s of APs just to get that perfect battle

1. Ryan S4

2. Agni S4

1. Q:What is a good hero to obtain early?

A: Tidal lord is a great person to obtain early in the game the best way is to gain honor and buy him in shop. Q:Well how do I obtain honor? A:World boss daily will help get your honor up really fast save up 9000 and you will have a great player for your team. Q:What is rep used for? A:When you get to level 150 you unlock epic hero's and you spend purple gems and rep to buy more advanced people. Q:What to do with my gold? A:There are lots of ways to spend your gold on daily events is a good place you have chance of getting good items plus gain up gems and silver and all that. Also spending gold on trinkets is a good idea so you can have better health and get farther faster. Q:How can I obtain gold? A:There are three ways to really earn gold 1. Buy it 2. The treasure hunt in daily events 3. Daily spins (randomly) Q:Is it worth buying gold? A:Depends on the player if you want to advance fast then yes I recommend it because gold can help raise stats. Also having a higher VIP lvl helps out you get a lot of benefits the higher you go, but its really up to the player.

2. Correction on your answer to Rep use: When you get to lv 150 you unlock Demigods (epic hero is already available to all) which requires purple gems and Rep to purchase in your Inn. >> This game is really gold hungry, and if you want to advance fast buying gold will definitely help. Just be cautions on where and how you spend it. There is no right or wrong way to spend it, but you should try to be efficient with your gold. Use gold on absolute things that can't be done without gold, and when you are competing on events with gold you should watch out who you are competing against. If you are competing against other heavy spenders you might waste lot of gold and not gain much.


2.  Agni S4

how do I get more rage at the start of the every combat ?

1. combat ? Obtain the war soul gem : rage through the warsouls page. Then upgrade it to get more rage at the start of combat.

2. Heroic Achievement will also help you gain more rage at the start of the battle. Heroic Achievement is more efficient if you can achieve it. If not you will need Red Rage Soul to start battle with 100 rage, and that will only be for 1 hero; not for whole team.

1. zerance S_2

2. Agni S4

How to have a well balanced strong fighting formation.

1.Be sure to evenly foster and upgrade your heroes so that you have a well balanced team that eventually later in the game has fewer to no weak links!

2.Although well balanced strong fighting formation is one of the ways to play the game; it is also really a slow build and slow progress. Not a recommended method to advance in game. Beside when you reach higher level the enemy will start with 100+ rage and can hit all your units (like Arch Prop, and others). Regardless of your build you will get crushed anyway. Efficient way to advance is to focus on 1 good hero and put all your effort to build it. Depending on your battle you will use other heroes to hold enemy just long enough so that your main hitter can finish the job. Once you build your main hero to max or to its efficient level you can start focusing on other heroes. Note that you will have constant training going on other heroes also. Focusing on 1 hero means your effort on evolving hero (green evolve, blue evolve, etc), improving hero stat, improving gears for that hero, etc... >> Also for hero purchasing if you can wait for Black Market you can save a ton if you purchase hero from Black Market rather than buying from Inn.

1. Drandaga S_5

2. Agni S4

How does a person gain 8,9 & 10 star Heros.

1. Save your Yellow & Purple gems for a few weeks from your daily quests and exploits and you can purchase great heroes from the shop!
How do I earn extra golds and silvers? Like Storm of Thrones on Facebook and participate in the events. Vpower S2
How do I advance faster? Focus on only 1 hero and level him up only until u passes Alex. Vincent s2
What is the most efficient way to progress and get strong?

1. Save honor points and purchase the hero "Tidal Lord" from the honor exchange shop. Focus all evolves, speed ups and equipment upgrades on him, at least until you get another good hero.

2. If you build him strong it can push you till lv150 or even further. But it will take a while so be patience. No point in wasting gold in egg as there is no certainty that you will get a good hero after certain egg smash. You may end us spending all your gold and still might not get a good 9* hero. Better to be patience and work with Tidal Lord until you get lucky or save your gems to get 10* instead. 10* hero can help you push to New Land where you can collect little bit of Rep from the expedition.

1. Raker  S6

2. Agni S4

How do I attain or use mounts? At lvl 110 you gain access to the mount shop and can purchase and equip mounts bought from either arena rewards shop or the mount shop .... Kyobyashi s5/4
What are scrolls used for. looks like you are supposed to give answer also .... any way Scrolls are for tech upgrade

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