Temple of Ares

  • The contest begins on 21:00, 15th, each month (EST). The sign-up will last from 8th to 15th each month (EST). The required level for sign-up is lvl.115. Please sign up in Temple of Ares building.

  • A

  • The Wargod icon shows up in wonderful events from 1st to 15th each month where you can find the reward preview of each month. You can also find the countdown of sign-up deadline. The reward is cumulative.
  • B

  •    After signing up, here goes the remaining sign up time for the contest and the latest Sign-up players. The sign –up will be over at 20:00 EST and one hour left for system operating.
  • C

  • The system will match you up with a random rival among all the servers. The participators can get know each other by clicking the watch in report. Once you make a different strategy, please click synchronize. The side with the most supportors will attack first in the first roud. Please notice: not all contest round is Best of Three. The players lost in former rounds can support in the following contest.
  • Temple1

  • The player who won in one round can move forward.
  • Temple3

  • fter the contest, the reward can be claimed in the chest.
  • Temple4